Our Story

At Betta Concepts,
Great things begin with brilliant ideas

Betta Concepts is a trusted industry leader in pioneering promotional merchandise and online solutions. Founded on the idea that the promotional merchandise a business gives out should be a direct reflection of who they are as a brand. That’s why we’ve set out to provide the most creative and highest quality promotional merchandise to create meaningful brand connections, while making sure you come away 100% satisfied with your experience.

Our business model is simple: partnership first, business second. Bound by our branded merchandise experience and desire to create tangible connections, we exist to challenge the status quo.

We’ve secured a reputation for:

Expert Service

Expert Service

Honesty & Integrity

Honesty & Integrity

True Passion

True Passion

In the beginning, we print logos on products, today, we are laser-focused on the role of touch in how people interact with brands. We believe the strength of a brand isn’t only in how it looks, but how it feels.

We take a modern approach to promotional merchandising.

Our Vision is to deliver memorable connections between Brands and people through the power of exceptional merchandise

We stand behind the quality of every promotional merchandise we create. Offering a full merchandise service from initial sourcing and design, right through to print, fulfilment and logistics, we provide every service needed to bring new ideas to market. We ensure we provide the:

Right merchandise with the...

Right branded design for the...

Right reasons to achieve the...

Right solution, for your brand.

What makes Betta Concepts, better.

We are driven by our passion for merchandise, service and design. Our culture is built upon an understanding of trust and transparency, alongside a drive for fun and creativity.

We’re your merchandise partner

We bring a modern approach to an old industry: a unique combination of technology and human touch. Our platform and team of dedicated experts simplify the dated process that our industry is known for, to make it easier to get the branded merchandise you need, when you need them.

We’re design-led

We bring a brand identity to life through eye-catching merchandise that convey core brand values and help build a powerful connection to people who matters.

We’re versatile and reliable

We’re proud of our ability to meet any kind of brand marketing, event marketing or corporate communications objective anywhere in the world. Our vendor accreditation process, regular reviews and audits, combined with random QA inspections, ensure that we deliver quality merchandise, first time and every time.

We think strategically

We create with equal parts strategy and creativity. We start our process by understanding everything there is to know about your business. We get to know the who, why, and what your purpose and message is, and we use that knowledge to fuel our product selections and identify the best branding solution.

Trusted by brands from around the world.

Are you ready to create something memorable?